Lost Vikings lEdit

In the game, the three Vikings get kidnapped by Tomator, an extraterrestrial emperor of the Croutonian empire, for an inter-galactic zoo and become lost in various periods of time.

Tomator is the final boss of the game... there are five fights with him. (In the same level you have to battle him five times)

The battleEdit

In the first fight you fight him with Olaf and you have to drop three bombs so you destroy three lines of blocks and you can continue to the part two.

In the second fight you fight him with Baleog he has to shoot the two switches with his arrows so (Tomator gets dropped down and) you can continue to the part three.

In the third fight you fight him with Eric , he has (head)bash Tomator into the Electricty four times before he teleports and you can proceed to the fourth part.

In the fourth fight you fight him with all three vikings ... you have to repeat what you did in the all fights first you go with Olaf and drop a bomb on the blocks. Then when Tomator is on the ground use Baleog to shoot into his electric shield then use Eric (once the electric shield is gone) and (head)bash into him so he's moved into gravity arrows.

In the final fight you have to just use Baleog (to shoot electric barries) and Eric (to head-bash Tomator) while Olaf stands there and protects the other two. Tomator has to be hit twice then Eric activates the switch (which opens the gate) and Tomator's sucked out of his ship after that the Vikings return home.


The evil Tomator